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Frosty Butts

Winter is arriving with a vengeance in the UK with a forecast of very heavy snow on Friday. Took the opportunity of a very early walk in Calderstones Park, in Liverpool, this morning and spotted this interesting image. I’m calling it Frosty Butts.



Kitchen Sink Drama

Diffuse winter sunlight came through the window and lit these items at the kitchen sink.

And for those of you who might be wondering, I hadn’t actually used the green filter on my camera!


A Welsh Country Lane in Winter

Postponing the Ruthin Crafts Centre – – always worth a visit – I wandered not too far off the beaten track and down a country lane in the shadow of the Clwydian hills and Moel Famau. The day was crisp and cold and the sky a beautiful blue.

The colours were intense and rich in the late afternoon light and the shadows were long on the ground.

There were wide panoramic views to be had as well as some interesting and abstract detail in the hedgerows.

Great clarity in the close ups.

Really like the way these twigs in the hedgerow are framing the shot. How did they know how to do that?

A little further down the lane was a rusty corrugated iron shed that was covered in ivy. Time for that green filter. Here’s the result.

It was really starting to get cold now. Like the way the blue filter seems to give a sense of the chilly conditions. Time to head to the craft centre in Ruthin, just a few miles away, for a warm cup of tea!


Winter Tree

Just discovered that my new camera has a range of filters. Here’s the green filter applied to this shot of a wintry tree.


Swan Lake in Calderstones Park

Not quite as cold as this picture taken last winter yet,  although there’s a frost on the ground and the central heating’s working overtime.

I’m calling this one Swan Lake – couldn’t resist I’m afraid. It was taken on the boating lake in Calderstones Park, Liverpool.


Hands Up – Who Likes Me?

The popular and anarchic comedy series The Young Ones featured a character called Rick, played by Rik Mayall. My brothers claimed he reminded them of me. Years ago, of course. I never did agree with them but secretly thought it was quite funny.That’s him on the right by the way. He famously once sought approval by saying “Hands up who likes me?”

Meantime, here’s a photo that I took of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral last winter. Hands up if you like it.


Winter Wonderland

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the USA tomorrow. So that means turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie to follow. Not forgetting the first heavy snows of the winter, too. Here in the UK we’d grown used to snow-free winters but all that’s changed recently. I even bought my first pair of Uniqlo long johns last year! This post is a visual celebration of what last winter had to offer.

Here’s Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral in the twilight, while below are shots of nineteenth century Falkner Square, also in Liverpool.

The Bluecoat Chambers in the city also took on a wintry feel. Now a thriving arts centre, it started life in the early eighteenth century as a charity school.

Meanwhile, out in the suburbs, Calderstones Park really was a winter wonderland.