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Posts tagged ‘watercolour’


Wirral Shoreline From Formby Point

Here’s a watercolour I painted a couple of years ago for my brother’s 40th birthday. This was before it was framed.


It was actually quite heavy and bulky once framed so it was carefully bubblewrapped and taken on board an EasyJet flight from Liverpool’s John Lennon International Airport for the short hop to the Isle of Man.

Hope you like it.


Puddle in the Park

Life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Or so the saying goes. An incredibly wet summer in the UK this year producing some surprising August images such as this puddle in the park. Really liked the intensity of the green in the grass. Puddle was much bigger than it looks by the way!

Took a few more shots of various puddles, too, as I reckon they’d make for really interesting paintings – abstract or otherwise – watercolour (no pun intended) or in oils.


Taking a Break

First attempt at working up a sketch made on the beach on La Manga strip. The unwitting subject had been walking up and down the beach for hours in scorching temperatures trying to sell trinkets. Here he is taking a break after a quick paddle in the Mediterranean. Unfinished masterpiece!


Artstuff 1

Detail from a watercolour sketch near Ruthin, North Wales – and a charcoal sketch of an apple tree in the garden. I make no claims for their merit.


Splash of Colour

Thought it might be interesting to juxtapose two unrelated images. First, a watercolour sketch I made of Mt Canigou on the French – Spanish border near Ceret.

And some urban graffiti from an undisclosed location in London.


John Lennon, Calderstones Park and some Amazing Trees.

Everyone needs a place to unwind. Somewhere your mind can run free and think fresh thoughts. Calderstones Park in Liverpool does it for me every time. Originally a shipping merchant’s private estate, it became a municipal park in 1902. It’s got it all; a boating lake (although sadly no rowing boats any more); a Japanese garden; and the druidical circle known as the Calder Stones from which the park takes it’s name. Imagine treading the same paths as ancient druids –  if that doesn’t get your imagination flowing nothing will. Then there’s the trees.

Here’s the park this afternoon still doing it’s best to keep the Autumn chills at bay. I’ve started sketching trees this year and have become fascinated by their shapes and structures. For much of the time,though, I’ve settled on sketching apple trees in my garden. I’ve used charcoal , pencil, graphite, and a little watercolour. See what you think.

So much for my drawings of trees. The trees below almost seem to be guarding the boating lake in the distance.

One final thought for now. John Lennon would have walked  or cycled through Calderstones Park every day on his way to Quarry Bank School from his home on Menlove Avenue. I wonder how much this amazing park might have influenced him. We can only imagine!