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Somewhat embarrassed to have to resort to this tactic but am seeking support and guidance from my fellow bloggers. As an enticement, here’s a shot of the Beatles album – Help. 


Well you wouldn’t really expect anything less from a shameless scouser now, would you?

So, here’s the thing.

Swanning off on a business trip to China last October, I managed to miss the deadline to migrate my MobileMe account to iCloud.

Lovely flight from Paris to Beijing, though, it has to be said. Was a little smoggier the day I arrived to be honest.


I still have an AOL email address but this doesn’t appear to be playing ball yet vis-a-vis my blog. Apple support has been a big old faff.

My goal – to be able to reply to comments of fellow bloggers and to follow their blogs.

Help! Any tips and advice gratefully received.


Falkner Street, Liverpool

I was just going to add this as a sidebar shot but thought it merited a post of it’s own. It’s a shot of Falkner Street, Liverpool. Had spent the morning having a late breakfast at The Quarter, a great cafe on the left of the shot (next to the place with the green chairs). Beautiful blue skies, too! For Beatles fans, John Lennon lived just off this street as The Beatles were about to break. Original cobblestones, by the way.


Beatles Banana

George Harrison and John Lennon peering out from the Beatles Lamb Banana on  a sunny Sunday morning on Hope Street in Liverpool.


Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun is one of my favourite Beatles’ records and the sentiment seemed appropriate this morning when I took this shot outside the entrance to Liverpool’s Albert Dock.  I was just heading to the gym – about 50 yards across the road from here. These are the views I get to see as I push myself through the pain barrier!


Graffiti Beatles

John Lennon was an artist, studying at the Liverpool College of Art, as he began his journey to fame. Then later, the Beatle shared his drawings with the world. Here’s John and his fellow Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr just off Princes Road in Liverpool.

The area is full of very grand and imposing properties, many of which are being restored, but this is Toxteth, Liverpool 8, and it’s an area still hit hard by social deprivation.

This vibrant piece of graffiti hangs at a jaunty angle over the railings on the corner of Upper Hill Street. The signature penguin can be seen all around Liverpool.

Doubt whether Liverpool’s wealthy shipping merchants could have foreseen their neighbourhood being transformed into an al fresco art gallery. This piece of graffiti was hanging on the opposite side of Upper Hill Street to the penguin.

At the end of the street, the early evening sunlight lit this piece of graffiti and gave it a warm quality. All these pieces of graffiti within a few hundred yards of each other by the way. Must find out more about the penguin!


Spring Sunshine Set

This is Falkner Square, Liverpool, as a beautiful Spring day turns to a dusky haze. The large building in the distance is Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. John Lennon was living  just round the corner in Falkner Street when The Beatles first topped the charts back in 1962-1963. These days the area is popular as a film set for television programmes and movies, too.


Snow on Menlove Avenue, Liverpool

Another of my famous and deliberately blurred shots. Taken on Menlove Avenue, Liverpool,  in the snow about this time last year.

I’d stopped my car after a trip to the supermarket and took this on my iPhone. For the Beatles’ fans among you, John Lennon’s house is about another half mile down the dual carriageway on the right.


Yellow Submarine Banishes Grey Skies

Gloomy, grey and wintry day in Liverpool today but still plenty of tourists arriving in taxis and on the Magical Mystery Tour coach outside John Lennon’s home on Menlove Avenue. Thought this photo of a detail inside the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool might brighten things up a little!


It’s Pants

Apparently some of you thought my previous post was about The Beatles. Certainly no intention to mislead. Apologies anyway.
This quick post is quite unambiguous. It’s pants! Spotted these exciting undies on a makeshift clothesline in a small town in the south of France.


Steel Yourself for The Beatles

Yesterday Yorkshire, today New Brighton on the Wirral. It was becoming a little stormy and the River Mersey and the sky above Liverpool in the distance both looked a steely grey.This was taken from the spot where the ferry used to tie up and deliver daytrippers in their droves to the funfair, Perch Rock, and New Brighton’s open air swimming baths. It was also where the Tower Ballroom stood, venue for well over two dozen early Beatles’ gigs.

While this shot looks out towards an equally threatening Liverpool Bay and Irish Sea.

Although there’s a lifeguard station stands on the shoreline, the only occupants of the beach today were flocks of seagulls. No daytrippers here today, and certainly no Beatles on this steely shoreline.