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Not All Chocolate Melts In The Heat

The UK heatwave shows no sign of abating so I took my new chocolate labrador, Henry, down to the waterfront for a walk this morning.

IMG_8504 2

Despite the heat he was full of energy. He’s a feisty individual, too, and wasn’t taking any prisoners when an adult German Shepherd got in his way.

Quite a confident dog I’ve got by all accounts – but I suspect I need to make sure this doesn’t spill over into aggression. He’s actually got a very affectionate nature so hopefully he’ll be fine.

He certainly enjoyed stretching his legs on the shores of Liverpool’s River Mersey which was calm and at very low tide. Meanwhile overhead, transatlantic jets soared across a clear blue sky.

By the end of the walk I was starting to wilt a little in the heat, but this particular chocolate showed no sign of melting.


Wildflowers and Blue Skies

I’ve been looking for somewhere to sketch and paint and discovered a derelict area of Toxteth in Liverpool. I’m not too sure what the developers’ plans are but this a fantastic area and I’ve driven here to sketch on more than one occasion. Surprising what you see – such as this amazing plot of wildflowers running riot and a blaze of colour against the bluest of summer skies.


Just around the corner is Jermyn Street – I think. Certainly not the Jermyn Street renowned for fine tailoring in London. I only had time for a hasty sketch this morning as I needed to get back to check in on my new chocolate labrador, Henry. But expect many more posts of photographs, sketches and paintings in due course. Here it is below, a curious blend of boarded up properties and hippy havens.




Split ends and cute ducks

Morning exercise in Calderstones and took a couple of eclectic shots – strange what details your eye is drawn to.

Here’s the bough of a tree that’s been sawn through for some reason and drying out in the warmth of the early morning sunshine.

And then there were these cute ducks, waddling along in harmony.


Today in the garden…

It’s a glorious sunny day and the temperatures are soaring here in Liverpool. Spent a little time in the garden and these are a few highlights.

Apparently this is the clematis – Daniel Deronda.

And this is a rose on the verge of blooming. Can’t help with the name, I’m afraid. Feel free to enlighten me.

A tealight will flicker in the bottle after dark   at the end of the garden.


Expect more of the Unexpected

And just around the corner from the colourful car park in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, basking in the May sunshine, was this mesmerising poster. I like the way a cheeky passer by has subtly defaced it. This was a quick pic grabbed on my iPhone by the way.


Remember Summer?

Need a quick shot of Summer? How’s this?

And this?

Last post for now. It is Saturday night after all. Enjoy.


Hey Presto – September Sunshine in London!

Funny how you put travel plans and meetings in the diary weeks in advance and imagine them turning out a certain way. Only to find the autumn chill and grey skies you’d expected had turned to summer as if by magic. Instead of sitting indoors on Thursday, a lengthy meeting now took place under the shade of trees and bright blue skies on the terrace of the British Library. And with fresh lemonade taking the place of a pot of tea.

Then Friday morning brought a meeting  in Putney followed by a pub lunch in ‘The Swan’ in Hammersmith in temperatures of 29 degrees. That’s Hammersmith Underground Station basking in the sun with it’s hanging baskets still in full bloom.

And this  beautiful arch was carved into the design of Putney Railway Bridge.

A perfect day for a stroll across the Thames and still time to make my next appointment.