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Summer Days

Summer seems so far away now even though the skies remain blue and the temperatures quite decent.


Autumn’s on it’s way yet this shot was taken in the boot of the hire car in Spain only a few weeks ago. Packed and ready for another lazy day on a glorious beach we’d discovered in Cabo de Palos. How had I missed this beach before on previous visits? Happy memories now as holidays end. Oh well…


El Algar, es de origen árabe

Being a bit of language monkey, I’d often thought the small town of El Algar ,near the coast in the Murcia region of Spain, might well have had arabic origins. After all, check out the map and you’ll see this part of Spain in only a stone’s throw across the Mediterranean from modern day Algeria.

The town’s inhabitants from the various ethnic groups seem to rub along just fine. Here, a group of Muslim men are shooting the breeze at a table in the shadow of the local Catholic church.


There’s not an awful lot to see in El Algar but we’d decided it was worth a quick detour off the highway to take a look.

This modern sculpture in front of an old theatre caught my eye.


And I definitely think this old property’s got potential.


If it’s true to the town’s arabic roots, it could well have a cool, quiet courtyard hidden inside.


Occasional Graffiti – Number 12

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m fascinated by graffiti in its many different forms. I’ve recently returned from a holiday in the Murcia region of Spain and have now got ample material for several posts on this subject.


This piece really took my breath away. It was tucked away down a quiet street in Cartagena and reminded me for all the world of a graffiti diagram of the heart complete with all its valves in glorious vivid colour. Needless to say, it was more likely a graffiti artist’s signature as is so often the case.


Much less colour in this second piece also from Cartagena. This time it was painted on a wall on the main tree-lined avenue through the city. No less powerful or dramatic for it’s limited use of colour. In fact, you might say it illustrates the adage that less is more. 


The bright blue of a scorching summer’s day in southern Spain is clearly visible at the top of the first two images, and the clear Mediterranean light definitely adds to the power of the pieces. This final piece has no sign of the blue sky anywhere to be seen but is nonetheless one of the most interesting and original pieces I think I’ve ever seen. Surreal and thought provoking – I have no idea what it was meant to represent, but is clearly a very different piece with a cryptic message all of it’s own.


Taking a Break – the Real Thing

Thought you might be interested in seeing the subject of my previous post – this was him paddling in the Mediterranean on the La Manga Strip in Southern Spain – just prior to sitting on the beach and resting. That island in the background is Isla Grosa.


Taking a Break

First attempt at working up a sketch made on the beach on La Manga strip. The unwitting subject had been walking up and down the beach for hours in scorching temperatures trying to sell trinkets. Here he is taking a break after a quick paddle in the Mediterranean. Unfinished masterpiece!


Graffiti Espagnol

Two contrasting pieces of graffiti from Cartagena in Murcia, Southern Spain. The first seems to be some sort of political comment.

While the second is an altogether gentler image if that’s the right word.

Of course, I could be wrong…

Wonder what Picasso would have made of it all?


Off Cartagena

I still use this shot as the wallpaper on my Macbook. Although I’d been sailing in a yacht in these waters off Cartagena in southern Spain, I was actually on a short cruise this particular day, exploring the historic port and it’s surroundings, hence the churn of the boat’s wake.

Temperatures were soaring and the sea was a sparkling, vibrant blue as you can see. In contrast, the bright colours of a beached pedalo on the beach at La Manga, just around the coast. Can’t wait for summer!


What’s Spanish for Making a Splash?

Took this on the beach at Mazaron, a 30 minute drive south of Cartagena in the Murcia region of southern Spain. Although the clothes are muted and quite traditional, there’s an inherent sense of fun and joie de vivre (sorry, this was supposed to be a Spanish post I know).

Consider this a humble tribute for International Women’s Day. Adios.


Mar de Cristal

I’d spotted this view driving the hire car over to Mar de Cristal, near La Manga in southern Spain last summer. Figured it would make an interesting place to draw.

Took myself over there late in the afternoon. The sun was still scorching and the ground was parched. In the distance, a herd of goats was kicking up a dust storm. Wispy clouds dotted the big blue sky and no hint of a breeze.

This was the end result. A sketch in pencil and charcoal. Basis for a painting maybe, although clearly no threat to David Hockney just yet.


Isla Grosa

This is Isla Grosa. It’s a little way offshore from the beach on the La Manga strip in Murcia, Spain. Probably one of my favourite beaches and the perfect place to unwind. How blue is that sky? Tried many times to sketch and paint it. Nowhere near as straightforward as it looks.