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Posts tagged ‘Southern Spain’


Graffiti Espagnol

Two contrasting pieces of graffiti from Cartagena in Murcia, Southern Spain. The first seems to be some sort of political comment.

While the second is an altogether gentler image if that’s the right word.

Of course, I could be wrong…

Wonder what Picasso would have made of it all?


What’s Spanish for Making a Splash?

Took this on the beach at Mazaron, a 30 minute drive south of Cartagena in the Murcia region of southern Spain. Although the clothes are muted and quite traditional, there’s an inherent sense of fun and¬†joie de vivre¬†(sorry, this was supposed to be a Spanish post I know).

Consider this a humble tribute for International Women’s Day. Adios.


Behind the Red Hibiscus

You can now find out a little more about me as I’ve begun to assemble my About page. I’ve really just focused on travel for the moment, but I’ll be adding more in due course.

I think I’ve managed to cover Australia, Southern Spain, Chile and Peru, the USA and the Pacific Steamship Navigation Company and the good ship MV Essex.

Hope you like it. Pleased to meet you!