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Behind the Red Hibiscus

You can now find out a little more about me as I’ve begun to assemble my About page. I’ve really just focused on travel for the moment, but I’ll be adding more in due course.

I think I’ve managed to cover Australia, Southern Spain, Chile and Peru, the USA and the Pacific Steamship Navigation Company and the good ship MV Essex.

Hope you like it. Pleased to meet you!


Lord Ganesha and the red hibiscus

Starting to research the red hibiscus for some writing I want to do and the first thing I discovered was that the hibiscus is used as an offering to Lord Ganesha in Hindu worship. Which reminded me of a photograph I’d taken in Mumbai a few years ago.

And then I find that Lord Ganesha  is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. For reasons best known to myself this seems like an important coincidence at this moment in time. Namaste.


Happy Landings

Welcome to red hibiscus – a creative depository.

Years ago, my friend Damian  referred to me as ‘renaissance man’ . Had it come from anyone else, I might have dismissed it as a touch of sarcasm. But he’d become aware that I was an aspiring creative interested in all kinds of stuff ; works of literature from Dickens to Steinbeck to Stephen King ; the paintings of Picasso, Turner and Basquiat ; music from Steely Dan to Chopin.

And not just the work of others; I paint and draw and enjoy all sorts of creative writing ,too. Plus photography, of course. I’m told I’m pretty good. You can be the judge.

Finally, red hibiscus will celebrate the creative experiences that travel’s brought me.

Here’s hoping that red hibiscus becomes a happy and inspiring blog destination for everyone.