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Posts tagged ‘rain’


Puddle in the Park

Life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Or so the saying goes. An incredibly wet summer in the UK this year producing some surprising August images such as this puddle in the park. Really liked the intensity of the green in the grass. Puddle was much bigger than it looks by the way!

Took a few more shots of various puddles, too, as I reckon they’d make for really interesting paintings – abstract or otherwise – watercolour (no pun intended) or in oils.


High Summer

This is the view across the marshes at Parkgate on the Wirral. In the middle of July. Yes, that’s right, July. In case you can’t tell from the picture, it was raining as well. Just not funny any more, is it?


Shy Poppy

Plants and flowers have been taking a battering recently with the heavy rain we’ve been having. This shot of a poppy was taken just a few moments ago. It’s covered in raindrops and seems to be turning shyly away from the camera.


Threatening Skies – Vale of Clwyd

Dropping down into the Vale of Clwyd in North Wales I could see the skies looking very threatening and heavy with rain. Couldn’t resist pulling in to take this shot. Look closely and you can just see the sheep grazing in the foreground.