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The Powerful Play Goes On

I’ve now completed the abstract painting I’d recently started. It’s now looking quite a bit different to its first incarnation as a result of a re-think.

I instinctively knew it wasn’t right and took steps to change it quite radically although I feel for the better.


I’ve given it the title ‘The Powerful Play Goes On’ – a line from one of Walt Whitman’s poems. Hope you approve.


Work In Progress

Fascinated by the base of a particularly old tree one evening a few weeks ago in Queen Square in Bristol I spent some time sketching it. Back home in Liverpool a few days later I decided to apply a more abstract approach to the sketch. And now I’ve started working this up into a painting.


Here it is on the easel and I’m working in mixture of acrylics and emulsion of all things.  A long way to go but I thought it might be interesting to record its progress to completion. Watch this space and, as always, your comments are very welcome.


Before The Blossom

Just finished this painting I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

photo-9Calling it ‘Before The Blossom’ – it’s based on a sketch of the blossom tree a number of weeks back when the branches were bare, well before the blossom arrived. It’s painted in acrylics and emulsion (I had some paint sample pots lying around!).

Let me know what you think.



Artist New To Me – 2

Perhaps it’s fairer to say that Ben Quilty is an artist who is new-ish to me. I am, however, fast becoming a big fan of this Australian artist’s bold, evocative portraits in oil.


This is actually called Self Portrait After Madrid, 2007. Will certainly be taking a close look at his technique when I come to start working in oils myself.


For No Other Reason 2

For no other reason than I like this painting I’m posting it on my blog.


This, of course, is by Vincent van Gogh.


For No Other Reason

For no other reason than I like this painting I’m posting it on my blog.


Sad really, but I can’t even remember who the artist is. I just remember that it’s the Suffolk Coast and I’d been researching painters from that area, or artists who’d worked there.



Graphite & Electric

Finger still damaged so painting and drawing is proving difficult. Thanks to the kindness of my friend (& art tutor) who suggested I use graphite shavings, ripped paper and an electric eraser, I’ve managed this effort. Need to practice more I think but the technique is keeping me on track.



Tate St.Ives

St.Ives in Cornwall was a haven for a thriving artistic community in the 20th Century and these days is justifiably proud to be home to Tate St.Ives.

This is an offer in acrylics that I painted from a sketch I made in a cafe outside the gallery looking back towards this promontory.

I make no claims for the artistic merit of this work. Here goes.



Taking a Break

First attempt at working up a sketch made on the beach on La Manga strip. The unwitting subject had been walking up and down the beach for hours in scorching temperatures trying to sell trinkets. Here he is taking a break after a quick paddle in the Mediterranean. Unfinished masterpiece!


Which Reminds Me

Thought if I posted this it might just serve as a reminder that I need to get drawing and painting again soon.