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After much prevarication, here’s my first attempt at oil painting. I’m calling it ‘Multitudes’. An  abstract offering. I’m not claiming claiming anything for the painting in terms of any perceived or imagined merit. It is what it is.

photo-4And it was indeed, a very different painting experience using this much vaunted medium. Will I continue in oils? Yes, of course. Hope you like it.



Colour Grab

I know the title of this painting would indicate I’m a little out of synch with the seasons but it was the use of colour that grabbed my attention.


This is an oil painting by Howard Coles called ‘Autumn Woodland’. His usual subject matter is landscapes and seascapes in North Wales.
Here’s his website -


Everybody Draw.

We all know that it’s just about ready to be the Year of the Horse, however, I want this to be the Year of the Oil Painting if possible.

Work commitments and personal circumstances have meant I’ve devoted a lot of time to drawing in the last year or so, and am just about to embark on a drawing course at one of our national galleries, however, I want to see this as the prelude to starting to have some fun painting again. This was a pen and ink sketch I did last summer.


Meanwhile, we could do worse than take our inspiration from the Chinese and their interest in drawing.

In the stunningly serene setting of the parkland that surrounds the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, I happened to see this older man practising his calligraphy which is a very precise form of drawing if ever I saw one. All the man uses is a brush, some water, and the paving stones as an ephemeral canvas.


Chinese painting and drawing has tended to be very traditional over the centuries, bound up with the culture and class system. I don’t see too much change on the way in the short term, but you never know. Certainly, this junior art class on the shores of West Lake in Hangzhou, has the children’s attention and engagement.

DSCI0078Look more closely at the students though and you’ll see that it’s a fairly rigid copying process they’re being taken through, with a very traditional choice of subject matter.


The course I’ve signed up for sounds a million miles from this – watch this space!


For No Other Reason

For no other reason than I like this painting I’m posting it on my blog.


Sad really, but I can’t even remember who the artist is. I just remember that it’s the Suffolk Coast and I’d been researching painters from that area, or artists who’d worked there.



Puddle in the Park

Life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Or so the saying goes. An incredibly wet summer in the UK this year producing some surprising August images such as this puddle in the park. Really liked the intensity of the green in the grass. Puddle was much bigger than it looks by the way!

Took a few more shots of various puddles, too, as I reckon they’d make for really interesting paintings – abstract or otherwise – watercolour (no pun intended) or in oils.