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Posts tagged ‘Northern Quarter’


Hot Baltic

Liverpool’s Baltic Creative Quarter was sizzling late this afternoon with bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight.

Like the way the sharp steel and bright red contrast with the deep blue in the sky behind.

And following hot on the heels of my Northern Quarter posts, Liverpool’s Baltic Creative Quarter seems to have taken to decorating it’s bollards with bright colours.

And here’s a find. A new venue – best way of describing Camp and Furnace – a whole new experience in eating. drink and even rooftop sunbathing. Not to mention their caravan themed hotel – all lurking behind this unassuming exterior. Also a venue for Art and Photography exhibitions. And they even brew their own real ale – Brown Bear! For those of you interested, here’s a link to Camp and Furnace  –


Expect more of the Unexpected

And just around the corner from the colourful car park in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, basking in the May sunshine, was this mesmerising poster. I like the way a cheeky passer by has subtly defaced it. This was a quick pic grabbed on my iPhone by the way.


Expect the Unexpected

You think it’s just a car park but this is the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Expect the unexpected.


Partial to Manchester

What’s Manchester got to offer the photographer from a multi-storey car park on the edge of the city’s Northern Quarter? Quite a lot as it turns out.

If you’re after partial views of overhead walkways and it’s eclectic blend of architecture that is.

Or maybe it’s abstract street sculpture that you’re after. Well here it is in bold contrast to the trees behind.

And it’s not every day you see buildings wearing a tree – albeit a silver one!

And yes, that is Manchester’s Beetham Tower – home to the Hilton Hotel – sleek and straight against the jumbled lines, curves and shapes of the city’s chaotic foreground. Even from the 8th floor of a multi-storey car park on an overcast day in May there’s plenty of  partial detail out there.



Spent the afternoon having a business meeting in FYG – a newly opened cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Always tasty food and great service from it’s friendly staff. Took this shot there this afternoon .. part of a display they were featuring as they sell specialist teas, coffees and various foods.

Got lots done and in such a relaxing setting. Thoroughly recommend if you’re passing – they’re on Tib Street.



Blue Orchid

I’m supposed to be doing my homework ahead of Mandarin Chinese lesson at the Confucius Centre at Liverpool University this afternoon. To relax and get in the mood I’m posting this shot.

The orchid was sitting on top of a bookcase in front of an oil painting by David Goodwin. I thought that they went together pretty well. David paints superb pictures and is based in the Arts & Crafts Centre in Manchester’s Northern Quarter . You can see his paintings at this site too.

Well worth a look.


Getting Real in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Tempting though it is for some photographers to focus on signs of it’s trendification, Manchester’s Northern Quarter can also reveal a tougher, more uncompromising side, too, if you look closely enough. The juxtaposition of old and new for instance as shown below.

There’s plenty of interesting graffiti to catch a photographer’s eye, too.

And stranger still, this image.

A gritty northern quarter indeed, with plenty to surprise and intrigue.

For all it’s current charms, it’s true earthy nature is never far away. You only have to look that little bit closer.