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Voguing In The Souk

“Strike a pose” sang Madonna in her hit single – ‘Vogue’.

Not sure she had the souk in Dubai in mind at the time. Everywhere you turn, Arabic men of all ages seem to be doing just this.


The gentlemen above are clad in western dress, but you’re just as likely to see them voguing in the traditional dish dash .


Perhaps it’s the searing mid day heat, or maybe he’s just camera shy, either way, this is an interesting pose.


I’d flown out in Business Class with Emirates from Manchester to Dubai, but I don’t remember any of the sophisticated cabin crew striking poses half as well as these gentlemen of the souk.


iPhone Magic

Spent the afternoon in the Orange store in Manchester’s St Anne’s Square then drove home to Liverpool. Later, during a walk in the park, I took this. Who could ever have imagined that a phone could take a shot like this? Wish I could paint this picture.


Expect more of the Unexpected

And just around the corner from the colourful car park in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, basking in the May sunshine, was this mesmerising poster. I like the way a cheeky passer by has subtly defaced it. This was a quick pic grabbed on my iPhone by the way.


Expect the Unexpected

You think it’s just a car park but this is the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Expect the unexpected.


Partial to Manchester

What’s Manchester got to offer the photographer from a multi-storey car park on the edge of the city’s Northern Quarter? Quite a lot as it turns out.

If you’re after partial views of overhead walkways and it’s eclectic blend of architecture that is.

Or maybe it’s abstract street sculpture that you’re after. Well here it is in bold contrast to the trees behind.

And it’s not every day you see buildings wearing a tree – albeit a silver one!

And yes, that is Manchester’s Beetham Tower – home to the Hilton Hotel – sleek and straight against the jumbled lines, curves and shapes of the city’s chaotic foreground. Even from the 8th floor of a multi-storey car park on an overcast day in May there’s plenty of  partial detail out there.



Spent the afternoon having a business meeting in FYG – a newly opened cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Always tasty food and great service from it’s friendly staff. Took this shot there this afternoon .. part of a display they were featuring as they sell specialist teas, coffees and various foods.

Got lots done and in such a relaxing setting. Thoroughly recommend if you’re passing – they’re on Tib Street.



Flying Visit to St.Ives

A year or two ago I’d had an enquiry from a potential client in Redruth in Cornwall. Even now that’s a long trip by train or car from Liverpool, so I opted to fly down. There’s a great route that BMI operate from Manchester to Newquay with a flying time of just 45 minutes. One minute the industrial connurbation that is Manchester, the next you’re dropping down over glorious Cornish countryside with the Atlantic Ocean for company. Business meeting over I took the opportunity to head down to St.Ives.

With only my iPhone camera for company here are some of the shots I managed to get. This one is looking out from the harbour as a few yachts made the most of a balmy June evening’s sailing. The harbour was mostly drained that night as the tide was out, and fishing boats were effectively beached.

Happy memories of family holidays here in the late 1970s did, however, flood back. My grandmother had had family in St.Ives – in fact, that was the name of the family home where she grew up on the Wirral. Her father’s family had lived in St Mewan over near St.Austell, but the roots were scattered all around this part of Cornwall, including Redruth too as it happened. An abiding memory was of my grandmother nearly taking a dive off the harbour wall as she got a foot caught in a mooring. The harbour was full of water that day and I’m not sure how brave I’d have been if truth be told. She merely saw the funny side of things and carried on eating an ice cream – Cornish ice cream, of course!

The sun was setting now and casting a soft light all around. I really liked the shapes made by the buoys and ropes as they lay stranded.

St Ives isn’t just about it’s glorious location and harbour. These days it’s also home to Tate St Ives. This small Cornish fishing port had in fact been the home of the St.Ives school of artists that included Barbara Hepworth, Alfred Wallis (a personal favourite), and Patrick Heron to name a few. All highly influential in the story of modern art. This large piece by Patrick Heron hangs in the entrance to the gallery. I love the colours and the shapes that seem to capture the life of St. Ives in a very original way.

A final dramatic image presented itself to me in hills just above St Ives as I made my way back to the guest house. Cornwall is about fishing but it’s history was all about tin mining too. Here was one of the now defunct mines standing proud in the unique light of a Kernow evening.

Kernow? It’s Cornish for Cornwall. Must go back soon.


Northern Quarter 999

Parked up in the Church Street car park on the edges of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, I hadn’t really expected to be using my camera today. Just a few yards from the pedestrian exit onto Tib Street, I spotted this pair of ceramic images of a police car and an ambulance, and couldn’t resist taking a few photographs.

Flattened to a one dimensional representation of the vehicles, the design, colours and the simple detail catches the feel of these emergency services vehicles well and brightens up the exterior of the car park.


Blue Orchid

I’m supposed to be doing my homework ahead of Mandarin Chinese lesson at the Confucius Centre at Liverpool University this afternoon. To relax and get in the mood I’m posting this shot.

The orchid was sitting on top of a bookcase in front of an oil painting by David Goodwin. I thought that they went together pretty well. David paints superb pictures and is based in the Arts & Crafts Centre in Manchester’s Northern Quarter . You can see his paintings at this site too.

Well worth a look.


Getting Real in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Tempting though it is for some photographers to focus on signs of it’s trendification, Manchester’s Northern Quarter can also reveal a tougher, more uncompromising side, too, if you look closely enough. The juxtaposition of old and new for instance as shown below.

There’s plenty of interesting graffiti to catch a photographer’s eye, too.

And stranger still, this image.

A gritty northern quarter indeed, with plenty to surprise and intrigue.

For all it’s current charms, it’s true earthy nature is never far away. You only have to look that little bit closer.