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Posts tagged ‘London Underground’


Counting down to the London Olympics

Spotted this at the ticket barrier of a London tube station. Looks a little home-made, granted, but the message is pretty clear – the London Olympics are nearly upon us.


Going Underground in London

You probably gathered from recent posts that I’m a little pushed for time right now. Mini-posts have become the order of the day. And while single images such as yesterday’s Parisian pigeon have a power all of their own, I’m also interested in exploring the idea of juxtaposing images and the impact that this might have. So here are a couple of station signs from two very well known stops on the London Underground – Leicester Square and Oxford Circus.

Same design but strangely altered by their backgrounds. And I’m going to come clean and admit that the Leicester Square photo was taken from a moving tube train .. but I quite like the slight lack of focus.


Hey Presto – September Sunshine in London!

Funny how you put travel plans and meetings in the diary weeks in advance and imagine them turning out a certain way. Only to find the autumn chill and grey skies you’d expected had turned to summer as if by magic. Instead of sitting indoors on Thursday, a lengthy meeting now took place under the shade of trees and bright blue skies on the terrace of the British Library. And with fresh lemonade taking the place of a pot of tea.

Then Friday morning brought a meeting  in Putney followed by a pub lunch in ‘The Swan’ in Hammersmith in temperatures of 29 degrees. That’s Hammersmith Underground Station basking in the sun with it’s hanging baskets still in full bloom.

And this  beautiful arch was carved into the design of Putney Railway Bridge.

A perfect day for a stroll across the Thames and still time to make my next appointment.