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Occasional Graffiti – No.11

Lunch with Will on Lark Lane then a quick drive into Liverpool. Wet and blustery weather after the recent hot and sunny spell is hard to take.


The colours in this graffiti gallery on the wall of an open air car park on Duke Street quickly takes the blues away.


Some really bold use of colour as you might expect with a mixture of abstract designs and graphic symbols. There was even a simple attempt at recreating the Liverpool skyline – famous the world over.


Yes, that’s the Liver Building, the Anglican Cathedral – and not forgetting the Roman Catholic Cathedral too.


Spring Sunshine Set

This is Falkner Square, Liverpool, as a beautiful Spring day turns to a dusky haze. The large building in the distance is Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. John Lennon was living  just round the corner in Falkner Street when The Beatles first topped the charts back in 1962-1963. These days the area is popular as a film set for television programmes and movies, too.


Shapes, Structures & Systems

10.38 a.m.

Much thinking and planning going on today as I try to chart the course for my business. As one means of creating fresh perspectives and insights I thought I’d write a blog post as the day develops and record any insights and images.

11.42 a.m.

Been surfing the net and have found myself exploring app developments and app listings and reviews. Wasn’t quite where I intended to go but has posed some serious questions about resource and development as well as marketing to secure market share. In terms of the actual content of the apps that I’d want to have developed and take to market, I need to explore a little more to confirm a hunch or two that I’ve got. Time to post an image that sums up where I’m at right now. Going to go with this one that I took a while ago of Antony Gormley’s Another Place on Crosby Beach, near Liverpool. Feels like I’m entering another place and looking out to new horizons with the business at the moment.

14.00 p.m.

Growing and developing the business model was the challenge and it was clear that there might be a number of strategic decisions to take about  how to build it. Where better to seek a little inspiration and those fresh perspectives than a visit to Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. This iconic building has dominated the city skyline for nearly a century now. Here’s an unusual modern sculpture set into the dramatic entrance.

Strange that the first two images in the post feature similar figures  – total coincidence!

Here’s the cathedral, with it’s impressive central tower, taken from Canning Street.

What intrigued me most was when I heard from a member of the Cathedral staff that the architect had originally intended two towers, one at either end of the structure, and instead, settled on just the one. Apparently to aid visibility for the congregation. So if Sir Gilbert Scott can change his plans that dramatically at the eleventh hour, surely I can adapt the business model a little with some confidence.

PS: Although posted today, the content refers to yesterday, if you see what I mean.


Hands Up – Who Likes Me?

The popular and anarchic comedy series The Young Ones featured a character called Rick, played by Rik Mayall. My brothers claimed he reminded them of me. Years ago, of course. I never did agree with them but secretly thought it was quite funny.That’s him on the right by the way. He famously once sought approval by saying “Hands up who likes me?”

Meantime, here’s a photo that I took of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral last winter. Hands up if you like it.