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Posts tagged ‘Jamaica Street’


Occasional Graffiti – No.9

Colour might just be the perfect antidote to all the snow we’re having at the moment.


And nothing serves up a splash of colour more than graffiti.


These two examples of graffiti are in a skateboard park on Jamaica Street in Liverpool.


Occasional Graffiti – No.7

Today’s graffiti shots were taken on Greenland Street in Liverpool which runs adjacent to Jamaica Street. Can you tell Liverpool’s a seafaring city?

This one kind of amused me .. a graffiti camera! Next, a graffiti dog. At least I think that’s what it is. Looks a little fierce whatever it is.

And finally, back to a more abstract piece. Suspect it’s the same graffiti artist who did the camera given its colour.


Occasional Graffiti – Number 2

There’s a distinctly bucolic look to my recent posts so I thought it was about time to create a bit of an urban splash with this graffiti post.

These shots were taken in a small skateboard park on Jamaica Street in Liverpool’s Baltic Quarter.

Bomber Man, Joker … some very distinctive graffiti identities here … with bold, assertive colours to match.

Fascinating urban artwork.


Barbed Wire and Bakery

Two pictures I shot on my way back from seeing theĀ Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool last weekend. Roads into the city centre had been blocked off so I’d parked near Jamaica Street. The light was fading and diffuse, softening an otherwise harsh image.

This next shot was of quite a well-known bakery. The aroma of fresh breads baking was at odds with the surroundings.

Almost something reminiscent of those eerily empty townscapes that Edward Hopper captured so well in his paintings.