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iPhone Photos from China

Sometimes you just don’t have your regular camera to hand. Especially when you’re sitting at breakfast in your hotel in Beijing and a picture leaps out at you. In fact, I might as well call this one Breakfast in Beijing as these two Chinese businessmen tuck in with little sense of anything around them. At times like these, the iPhone camera really comes into its own.

This next one was actually taken from the back of cab as it edged slowly through monstrous traffic jams into Beijing. It was pouring down outside as you can see. It was the dullest of days but the colours were vibrant. Reminds me of a watercolour.

Meanwhile, this slightly fuzzy shot was taken from the back of a car we were being driven around in down in Jiaxing.

And finally, our tuk tuk had run out of fuel and had pulled in to fill up. Welcome respite from being bumped violently around the busy streets of Hangzhou.


iPhone Magic

Spent the afternoon in the Orange store in Manchester’s St Anne’s Square then drove home to Liverpool. Later, during a walk in the park, I took this. Who could ever have imagined that a phone could take a shot like this? Wish I could paint this picture.


Occasional Graffiti – Number 6

Parked up on Liverpool’s Princes Avenue and took this shot of a large piece of graffiti opposite. Taken with iPhone.


Eat your heart out, Monet.

Quick shot taken on my iPhone in Calderstones Park while searching for my Dad! Reminded me of Monet’s garden, water lilies etc. See what you think.


Expect more of the Unexpected

And just around the corner from the colourful car park in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, basking in the May sunshine, was this mesmerising poster. I like the way a cheeky passer by has subtly defaced it. This was a quick pic grabbed on my iPhone by the way.


Red Flower

Was only going to post once today until I stumbled across this shot I’d taken in a hotel foyer a little while back. Got a feeling I took it on my iPhone.


Snow on Menlove Avenue, Liverpool

Another of my famous and deliberately blurred shots. Taken on Menlove Avenue, Liverpool,  in the snow about this time last year.

I’d stopped my car after a trip to the supermarket and took this on my iPhone. For the Beatles’ fans among you, John Lennon’s house is about another half mile down the dual carriageway on the right.