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Occasional Graffiti – Number 12A

Yes, a little superstitious, so no number 13 – this is Occasional Graffiti – Number 12A.


The ‘A” could, in fact, stand for Amsterdam as this is where these two shots were taken. The first one wasn’t a million miles from the hotel we’d stayed in – a fabulous boutique hotel called ‘Hotel JL No.76’ – check out it’s website – – in a really cool neighbourhood a stone’s throw from the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. There were a few kindergarten in the area and this graffiti formed the backdrop to a play area, which even had it’s own baseball net – heavily disguised by the graffiti!


Whereas with this one, the bicycles almost seem camouflaged. If memory serves me correct, this was in an alley off the Flower Market.


Occasional Graffiti – Number 12

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m fascinated by graffiti in its many different forms. I’ve recently returned from a holiday in the Murcia region of Spain and have now got ample material for several posts on this subject.


This piece really took my breath away. It was tucked away down a quiet street in Cartagena and reminded me for all the world of a graffiti diagram of the heart complete with all its valves in glorious vivid colour. Needless to say, it was more likely a graffiti artist’s signature as is so often the case.


Much less colour in this second piece also from Cartagena. This time it was painted on a wall on the main tree-lined avenue through the city. No less powerful or dramatic for it’s limited use of colour. In fact, you might say it illustrates the adage that less is more. 


The bright blue of a scorching summer’s day in southern Spain is clearly visible at the top of the first two images, and the clear Mediterranean light definitely adds to the power of the pieces. This final piece has no sign of the blue sky anywhere to be seen but is nonetheless one of the most interesting and original pieces I think I’ve ever seen. Surreal and thought provoking – I have no idea what it was meant to represent, but is clearly a very different piece with a cryptic message all of it’s own.


Occasional Graffiti – No.11

Lunch with Will on Lark Lane then a quick drive into Liverpool. Wet and blustery weather after the recent hot and sunny spell is hard to take.


The colours in this graffiti gallery on the wall of an open air car park on Duke Street quickly takes the blues away.


Some really bold use of colour as you might expect with a mixture of abstract designs and graphic symbols. There was even a simple attempt at recreating the Liverpool skyline – famous the world over.


Yes, that’s the Liver Building, the Anglican Cathedral – and not forgetting the Roman Catholic Cathedral too.


Occasional Graffiti – No.10

Snapped this from the back of a car sitting at the traffic lights of Slater Street in Liverpool. Almost looks like the building was designed this way.



Occasional Graffiti – No.9

Colour might just be the perfect antidote to all the snow we’re having at the moment.


And nothing serves up a splash of colour more than graffiti.


These two examples of graffiti are in a skateboard park on Jamaica Street in Liverpool.


Occasional Graffiti – No.8

No apparent theme here on this graffiti on a metal shutter on an old warehouse in Watkinson Street in Liverpool. I like the bold lettering, though, and the angle of the shot.


Occasional Graffiti – No.7 and a half.

How could I forget this? Liverpool’s iconic Lamb Banana as graffiti – also shot (not literally!) near Greenland Street.


Occasional Graffiti – No.7

Today’s graffiti shots were taken on Greenland Street in Liverpool which runs adjacent to Jamaica Street. Can you tell Liverpool’s a seafaring city?

This one kind of amused me .. a graffiti camera! Next, a graffiti dog. At least I think that’s what it is. Looks a little fierce whatever it is.

And finally, back to a more abstract piece. Suspect it’s the same graffiti artist who did the camera given its colour.


Occasional Graffiti – Number 6

Parked up on Liverpool’s Princes Avenue and took this shot of a large piece of graffiti opposite. Taken with iPhone.


Occasional Graffiti – Number 5

Graffiti I found in Seel Street and Colquitt Street on my way to a meeting in Liverpool on a cold, wet and blustery day.

Am I the only one who thinks that stencil looks like the Titanic in the centre of the design below? Can you see the clue?