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Summer Flowers

I was at a wedding in London last weekend – first one I’d been to since my youngest brother, Peter, got married in the Isle of Man in 1997. Spotted these summer flowers in a border. More shots from London later.


Shy Poppy

Plants and flowers have been taking a battering recently with the heavy rain we’ve been having. This shot of a poppy was taken just a few moments ago. It’s covered in raindrops and seems to be turning shyly away from the camera.


Apple Tree Again

Fired up by seeing my old art classmates’ biennial exhibition in Liverpool last night, and in need of a break from work this afternoon, I tackled that old favourite – the apple tree in the garden. There are actually two apple trees but this one has the more interesting shape I think. Sketched entirely in pencil by the way. Feedback welcome. Meanwhile, back to work ..


Lemons and Pears at the Palace

Drenched by June’s deluge, the gardens at Hampton Court Palace glistened green and glorious. Worth visiting for these alone.

The palace is an architectural treat and the gardens really are the icing on the cake. No crowds thanks to the rain so the broad gravel paths were smooth and clear. This row of plants were exotics and holding their own in the chilly weather. Even the lemons.

And the prickly pear provides a perfect frame for the view down towards the formal reaches of the gardens.

Statues large and small are all around as you might expect from this substantial royal palace, once home to Henry VIII.

Even the grass takes on a dramatic, decorative hue in the foreground to this defensive feature in the walls of the palace.


24 hours later…

Twenty four hours after posting shots from the garden, the rose has bloomed. I think it looks pretty spectacular, despite the fly.

Amazing colours, especially that subtle tinge of red on the petal’s edge.


Today in the garden…

It’s a glorious sunny day and the temperatures are soaring here in Liverpool. Spent a little time in the garden and these are a few highlights.

Apparently this is the clematis – Daniel Deronda.

And this is a rose on the verge of blooming. Can’t help with the name, I’m afraid. Feel free to enlighten me.

A tealight will flicker in the bottle after dark   at the end of the garden.


Perfect Peony

The peony is named after Paeon (also spelled Paean), a student of  Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepius became jealous of his pupil; Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower (courtesy of Wikipedia).

So there you have it. Where are the Greek gods when you need them? This peony, complete with raindrops is currently in full bloom in the garden.


Wisteria Lane

The summer sunshine, blue skies and a wisteria wrapped around the porch. What could be better?

Not quite Wisteria Lane, from the hit US television show, Desperate Housewives, but you get the idea.



Surprising how quickly the blossoms seem to fade. Captured some of it on camera earlier this week before that happened.

Far too tired to give you the technical details – let’s just say I played around with shutter and aperture. And here’s what happened.



The Spring Has Sprung

Funny what you remember. Such as this poem by American poet, e.e.cummings, which I’ve been able to recite since being in high school.

Spring is sprung

Da grass is riz

I wonder where dem boidies iz

Da little boids is on da wing

Ain’t dat absoid

Da little wings is on da boid

Spring has certainly sprung here. Bluebells and the golden yellow flowers from a Jew’s Mallow are just appearing. Won’t be long before the blossom’s out in force too. You can’t beat an English garden in the Spring.