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Bill’s – Covent Garden

My personal trainer, Anthony, tells me I’m allowed one cheat meal a week so when I came to sit down for lunch in Bill’s in London’s Covent Garden, I made a concession and had a naked burger – i.e., without the bun. I found Bill’s about a year ago and the food and service is always very good and it’s a welcome respite from the the rush and hurry of London.

Good food and good value for money – just look at the size of the teapot I got! Here’s a link to Bill’s should you be visiting London soon –



Spent the afternoon having a business meeting in FYG – a newly opened cafe in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Always tasty food and great service from it’s friendly staff. Took this shot there this afternoon .. part of a display they were featuring as they sell specialist teas, coffees and various foods.

Got lots done and in such a relaxing setting. Thoroughly recommend if you’re passing – they’re on Tib Street.



Chinese Hot Pot

You don’t have to look too hard to find signs of a growing taste for western products, from clothes to cars, as you move around China’s big cities. And that taste now extends to fast food too. This is McDonalds right in the heart of Shanghai.

It’ll be interesting to see how far and how fast this trend develops but there is plenty of evidence already that it’s catching on. Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to eat – and experience – traditional Chinese hot pot. This hot pot restaurant in Beijing had an exclusively local clientele – referred to as old Beijingers.

The principle of Chinese hot pot is a brass pot with a base filled with burning charcoal. Around the pot, a moat of boiling water, and everyone gets to cook their own food – strips of fresh meat, vegetables, and prawns amongst other things.

Very popular with the locals as you can see.

That’s my friend, Terry, shutting the draught out.This was Beijing in mid December after all! Terry’s a local and was keen to introduce me to this traditional way of eating. Really glad he did. The large goldfish weren’t on the menu you’ll be glad to hear.


Streetlevel Shanghai

Late afternoon winter sunshine catches the detail on these residential apartments in an older area of Shanghai where the washing hangs out to dry. Now you see it.

  Now you don’t.

In the streets below, vendors were selling all manner of food such as these fresh slices of melon.

Not sure what sort of dish was being conjured up here. Hot enough to warm up a chilly December afternoon though.

I was on a mission to find Chinese lanterns that afternoon so didn’t have time to sample any,  although the food in this cabinet looked particularly tasty.