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Ship Shape For The Persian Gulf

The pictures don’t show it but this was around mid-day and the temperature on the Dubai Creek was hitting the high 30s.


There was a slight breeze on the Creek though and the beautiful colours of this traditional sailing craft were soothing too.


Plenty of interesting decorative detail to customise the boat and everywhere you looked there were fascinating shapes to see.


Only a short taxi ride away in a sleek Lexus was the glittering mecca of conspicuous wealth – the Mall of the Emirates. And overhead, huge jets were swooping in to the ever expanding international airport that is serving the development of the United Arab Emirates so well. But here on the creek, traditional craft like the one above ply a more traditional trade as they sail back and forth across the Persian Gulf between Dubai and Iran.


Here’s a crew member putting aside the commercial, maritime imperative and instead answering the traditional call to prayer.


Voguing In The Souk

“Strike a pose” sang Madonna in her hit single – ‘Vogue’.

Not sure she had the souk in Dubai in mind at the time. Everywhere you turn, Arabic men of all ages seem to be doing just this.


The gentlemen above are clad in western dress, but you’re just as likely to see them voguing in the traditional dish dash .


Perhaps it’s the searing mid day heat, or maybe he’s just camera shy, either way, this is an interesting pose.


I’d flown out in Business Class with Emirates from Manchester to Dubai, but I don’t remember any of the sophisticated cabin crew striking poses half as well as these gentlemen of the souk.


L.A. in the Desert.

Kind of disconcerting to find yourself in the Middle East and to experience deja vu. Been a few years since I was in Los Angeles, but waking up and taking a look out from my balcony in Dubai, I could have sworn I was looking out at the L.A. skyline. What do you think? That sonic screwdriver of a skyscraper on the left is the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – by the way.



Karama Market, Dubai.

Not often I post shots of myself but here’s one of yours truly taken on a sultry evening in Dubai’s Karama Market.  Nice to be on the other end of the lens for a change.