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Borgen Meets Calderstones

Thought that his shot of a piece of land under development near Calderstones Park, Liverpool, was reminiscent of the look and feel of popular Danish tv series, Borgen. 



Frosty Butts

Winter is arriving with a vengeance in the UK with a forecast of very heavy snow on Friday. Took the opportunity of a very early walk in Calderstones Park, in Liverpool, this morning and spotted this interesting image. I’m calling it Frosty Butts.



Not the London 2012 Olympics

I’m sure we all agree that the Opening Ceremony to the London 2012 Olympic Games was pretty amazing. Plenty of highlights, although the musical montage from Millie Jackson’s My Boy Lollipop to David Bowie’s Heroes really sorted it for me. I’d been out when the tv coverage started and missed Danny Boyle’s pastoral idyll. So here to remedy that is my own tribute to England’s green and pleasant land ..

This, of course, is Calderstones Park, in Liverpool, taken a little earlier this evening. I thought the shadows were pretty dramatic.

My son, who’s a photographer, tells me “lighting’s everything”; he seems to have been right when you check out the difference between the shot above and the one below.


Designed by Nature

Try as they might, landscape architects and interior designers couldn’t come up with anything as eye-catching as these leaves wrapped around a tree.

Taken, of course, in Calderstones Park, Liverpool – early morning walk today – prior to the deluge!


Eat your heart out, Monet.

Quick shot taken on my iPhone in Calderstones Park while searching for my Dad! Reminded me of Monet’s garden, water lilies etc. See what you think.


Split ends and cute ducks

Morning exercise in Calderstones and took a couple of eclectic shots – strange what details your eye is drawn to.

Here’s the bough of a tree that’s been sawn through for some reason and drying out in the warmth of the early morning sunshine.

And then there were these cute ducks, waddling along in harmony.


Split Screen

Beautiful light in Calderstones Park as the sun started to fade this evening and this split screen image caught my eye. I was fascinated by the vivid green tree trunk and the curiously lit tree and blue sky in the background.


The Green World

I studied English Lit. at University College, Cardiff (now simply Cardiff University), and remember being fascinated by the concept of the green world. I’ll return to this in a later post, as it crops up in other ways in our literature, too.

“In his discussion of William Shakespeare’s works, literary critic Northrop Frye coined the term “The Green World” in order to describe a particular environment that recurs throughout literature. In literary tradition, a hero must undergo several steps before being able to overcome his or her particular challenges. Often, a character will disappear into a perfectly natural environment, most often a forest, in order to confront inner obstacles and gain personal insight. The Green World adventures generally offer elements of magic, supernatural power, and reigning chaos, but must be survived in order to restore balance to the world.”

Those of you who drop by regularly will know I have a beautiful park on my doorstep – Calderstones Park – in Liverpool. It was looking incredible early the other morning in the freakishly warm March weather we’ve been having. The sights in the park brought to mind that whole green world concept in Shakespeare’s plays.

You could easily imagine any of Shakespeare’s Comedies’ green world scenes being set here in the park. Wonder which play these incredible blossoms would host? Perhaps my favourite – A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Seems to me there’s something almost surreal about this scene as the last of the early morning haze lingers. Calderstones Park certainly has some interesting credentials that lend it a supernatural feel, not least the existence of some of the actual Calder Stones .. 

The stones are thought to date from the late neolithic/early bronze age. Impressive, huh? Walking the park and taking in the sometimes chaotic combination of plants and trees also reminds me of one of my favourite painters – Adrian Berg – who sadly died last October.

Berg was a Royal Academician and their site offers useful information about him;,162,AR.html

His paintings are a real celebration and appreciation of the natural world, and it’s place in our suburban and metropolitan lives.

His use of colour and deceptively casual detail are remarkable. This piece reminds me a little of the French Impressionist – Seurat. Although largely painted elsewhere, it almost seems at times as though he was painting my park .. they’re eerily familiar and immediate. Here’s a shot of Calderstones Park ..

Now here’s one of Adrian Berg’s paintings. He’s somehow able to catch the blur and blend as plants and trees bleed into each other.

If you’ve not seen his work before, I’d seriously recommend taking a look. His paintings will really get you to reappraise the way you look at the natural world in our cities.Leaving the green world of Shakespeare and the rich detail of Berg’s natural world behind, here are a few more shots of Calderstones Park on a fabulous Spring morning.

This is a view of a Quarry Bank School classroom overlooking the park. And as you must all know by now, this was John Lennon’s old school. I like to imagine him daydreaming as he looked out of this window as he looked out over this beautiful park.

I’m pretty sure he’d recognise what I’ve offered in this post. Like to think he might approve, too.


Dogs in the Fog

Wasn’t expecting a foggy haze this morning as I went for an early morning walk in Calderstones Park, Liverpool, but that’s what I got. Just walked through the main entrance and could see some folk walking their dogs in the distance.

Their owners remained deep in conversation as the dogs wandered around their feet.

Even the sound of a woodpecker hammering at one of the trees nearby didn’t halt their conversation. The dogs seemed to have fun though.

By the time I left the park the sun was shining brightly and a great day was in prospect. You can’t beat Springtime in England.


Swan Lake in Calderstones Park

Not quite as cold as this picture taken last winter yet,  although there’s a frost on the ground and the central heating’s working overtime.

I’m calling this one Swan Lake – couldn’t resist I’m afraid. It was taken on the boating lake in Calderstones Park, Liverpool.