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Summer Days

Summer seems so far away now even though the skies remain blue and the temperatures quite decent.


Autumn’s on it’s way yet this shot was taken in the boot of the hire car in Spain only a few weeks ago. Packed and ready for another lazy day on a glorious beach we’d discovered in Cabo de Palos. How had I missed this beach before on previous visits? Happy memories now as holidays end. Oh well…


Reprising Hitchcock

I only found out recently that the first movie my parents saw together many years ago was Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

Poster - Rear Window_19

They told me this not long after I’d been to see the new biopic, Hitchcock, starring Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins, at FACT in Liverpool.

Hitchcock film

So, who knows, perhaps these several shots of seagulls taken weeks later, might have been influenced in a subliminal way by the master’s classic movie. The Birds? There was certainly something menacing about them.


I was actually sitting in my car eating fish and chips when I spotted them all just a few feet ahead of me. That view is the North Sea at a brilliant seaside town called Saltburn. Weather was reasonably promising here. That wasn’t always to be the case as the shot below shows. More seagulls, you’ll notice.


Here’s one more shot of them – just for luck – this time, from down on the beach.



Taking a Break – the Real Thing

Thought you might be interested in seeing the subject of my previous post – this was him paddling in the Mediterranean on the La Manga Strip in Southern Spain – just prior to sitting on the beach and resting. That island in the background is Isla Grosa.


Isla Grosa

This is Isla Grosa. It’s a little way offshore from the beach on the La Manga strip in Murcia, Spain. Probably one of my favourite beaches and the perfect place to unwind. How blue is that sky? Tried many times to sketch and paint it. Nowhere near as straightforward as it looks.


Destination – An Anglesey Beach in Autumn

Next time having an actual destination in mind from the start might help. That’s not to say a long, ambling drive through North Wales wasn’t worth the extra miles. The itinerary’s either quite impressive or foolhardy depending on your point of view, taking in Ruthin and it’s fabulous Arts Centre, the Denbigh Moors, the stunning terrain of Snowdonia, Porthmadoc, and finally over the bridge to Anglesey.

   Here’s the Denbigh  Moors looking more welcoming than usual without mist or rain. And it was still only 11.30 in the morning! Quick stop and coffee to go from the petrol station and on towards Snowdonia.

Been this way many times before, taking a right into the Llanberis Pass. Not today, though.

Off the beaten track and a long drive through breathtaking scenery towards Porthmadoc and the coast. Have to say, the latter was disappointing, and moved on quickly via Criccieth (I did say an actual destination from the start might have helped).

Some great views of the sea here though. And I never knew Criccieth had a castle, dotted in on the coast between it’s better-known neighbours, Harlech and Caernarfon.

Caernarfon wasn’t going to figure on the drive today, however.


These are two shots of Snowdonia just before heading off for Porthmadoc.

But Anglesey had a beach in store that rounded off the day perfectly. And a chance find, too.

Aberffrawe Beach .. on the west side of the island. And still not the easiest to get to. First a long walk out across a sandy estuary and then suddenly, the sea.

Perfect skies added to the drama of the place. And only the seagulls for company.

One day this is exactly the sort of place I’ll walk the three labradors I’ve promised myself – Buddy, Champ and Brando. Well, either here or on a Mediterranean or Californian shore – who knows?

Beachcombing for driftwood over and just a few more photographs and time to head back.