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Posts tagged ‘acrylics’


Work In Progress

Fascinated by the base of a particularly old tree one evening a few weeks ago in Queen Square in Bristol I spent some time sketching it. Back home in Liverpool a few days later I decided to apply a more abstract approach to the sketch. And now I’ve started working this up into a painting.


Here it is on the easel and I’m working in mixture of acrylics and emulsion of all things.  A long way to go but I thought it might be interesting to record its progress to completion. Watch this space and, as always, your comments are very welcome.


Before The Blossom

Just finished this painting I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

photo-9Calling it ‘Before The Blossom’ – it’s based on a sketch of the blossom tree a number of weeks back when the branches were bare, well before the blossom arrived. It’s painted in acrylics and emulsion (I had some paint sample pots lying around!).

Let me know what you think.



Tate St.Ives

St.Ives in Cornwall was a haven for a thriving artistic community in the 20th Century and these days is justifiably proud to be home to Tate St.Ives.

This is an offer in acrylics that I painted from a sketch I made in a cafe outside the gallery looking back towards this promontory.

I make no claims for the artistic merit of this work. Here goes.



I Painted This

Tend to find myself painting landscapes these days, but here’s something a little more abstract I painted a few years ago using acrylics.