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I think it’s about time I introduced myself so for starters, this is me – Gordon Michael Sutton – taken in Cartagena – one of my favourite cities in Southern Spain. It’s a base for the Spanish Navy and it’s a city whose roots go back to the Romans and beyond. Better stop there, this is supposed to be about me. First, a photograph.

Travel’s always been important to me. I guess when your dad’s in the navy in Australia when you’re born and brings back mementoes from Chile and Peru and the USA for you, then the urge to see the big, wide world is pretty much there from the start. Oh, yes, that and a grandmother whose fear of flying meant regular trips on the great ocean liners from Liverpool to New York and Montreal. Not surprising really that I wanted to see it for myself.

For the record, here’s the ship my dad was on when I was born  – the MV Essex – one of the Pacific Steamship Navigation Company vessels.

Apparently he was moored in a place called Bowen, near Cairns on the Australian Gold Coast. Does this mean I’m half Australian?

Lots more about me still to come. Hope that’s a decent introduction.

Music’s been a big part of my life with my taste ranging from Dvorak and Mozart through Jazz and Country (the proverbial guilty pleasure), to The Beatles and Joni Mitchell. But for now, let’s just say I like Steely Dan. Their album covers, while idiosyncratic and alluring, only hint at their lyrical powers and mesmerizing melodies.

This was the first album of theirs that I got my hands on ‘ Can’t Buy A Thrill’, on the recommendation of a friend of mine at school. I owe him!

And this is ‘Aja’ .. happy days and nights at Cardiff University .. drinking whisky to this and watching the sun rise many times before finally drifting to sleep. Undergraduate sophisticate!

All you need to know about ‘Countdown to Ecstasy’  is that it’s superb and contains one of my favourite songs of all time – ‘My Old School’.

And the wonderful ‘Gaucho’ – I was all grown up and working as a copywriter by now. Jazzy and gorgeous music.

Back to the music later. I’ll also be making specific posts under the Music page on my blog. Want to clue you in a little bit about my family now. First my two children. This was taken the weekend of my daughter’s 21st birthday a few years ago. She was living in Paris at the time and we all took a ride on the Seine on a freezing January afternoon. Like the way this captures their sense of fun and mischief when it comes to their Dad, and also the very clear affection between them.

This much older picture shows my Dad on the right .. I’m guessing around 9 or 10 years of age. He’s standing next to his sister’s husband,  my Uncle Ted. He was from Northamptonshire, and lived in the small village of Great Doddington. He ran his own riding school down there and taught me to ride when we went to visit. Idyllic afternoons galloping across golden cornfields.

About time I updated this page I suppose. China and the Far East seems to be beckoning so thought it might be a good idea to upload this shot from a recent visit. This is taken on the threshold of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on a bright, crisp Autumn day.


This next one has only just turned up quite recently. I made a visit to Ukraine in about 2002 I think it was. This was taken at a brewery if memory serves me correctly. Picture quality not marvellous I’m afraid.

2011-03-13 00.17.57


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  1. antiquityandadventures
    Mar 24 2012

    hiya, I have had a bit of a spring clean and moved my Blog address to i,d love it if you fancy following my new site kind regards maenamor 🙂

  2. Apr 3 2012

    Love your blog! I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! My blog has more information..



    • Apr 4 2012

      Wow. Thanks for this, Elisa. Will check out your blog as suggested. Gordon

    • Jun 6 2017

      It sounds like you got some wounerfdl in laws for Joe, how lucky for him and for you guys! The blender outside thing made me chuckle, your neighbors must be amused

  3. Apr 29 2012

    Wow! I love your work! I will be back when I have more time to drink it allin! 🙂 Thanks for visiting me. And, it’s so cool to see that someone else is using the same theme as me!

  4. Apr 29 2012

    Evening, Andrea. Thanks so much for you very kind comments. So glad you liked it. We’re theme buddies! Look forward to checking your blog out again too. Gordon

  5. iwo
    Aug 29 2014

    my name is Iwo Borkowicz, I am a young musician from Poland. I am writing to you because me and my two friends are planning to release an album. Nothing fancy, no label or anything, just our hands and minds and I would like to use one of your puddle pictures as a part of a CD-cover design I am preparing. Please contact me at .
    I will be very happy if you let us use this photo:)
    Greetings from Poland


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