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June 3, 2013


by gordonmichaelsutton

Somewhat embarrassed to have to resort to this tactic but am seeking support and guidance from my fellow bloggers. As an enticement, here’s a shot of the Beatles album – Help. 


Well you wouldn’t really expect anything less from a shameless scouser now, would you?

So, here’s the thing.

Swanning off on a business trip to China last October, I managed to miss the deadline to migrate my MobileMe account to iCloud.

Lovely flight from Paris to Beijing, though, it has to be said. Was a little smoggier the day I arrived to be honest.


I still have an AOL email address but this doesn’t appear to be playing ball yet vis-a-vis my blog. Apple support has been a big old faff.

My goal – to be able to reply to comments of fellow bloggers and to follow their blogs.

Help! Any tips and advice gratefully received.


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