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June 2, 2013


Happy Amateur

by gordonmichaelsutton

Spent a few days with artist friends over in Ruthin, North Wales. Must be honest, they’d stayed in their caravan – a.k.a. ‘the love tin’, while we’d stayed in some luxury at the nearby Manorhaus Hotel. The awning of the caravan served as a very useful informal art room and shelter from the rain outside.

Here’s a pen and ink sketch of some trees in the distance that I did after a hearty lunch.


And at the entrance to the farmer’s field was this unusual tree – we decided it should be called the candelabra tree for reasons that might be obvious.


I’m currently reading The Yellow House by Martin Gayford – based on an intense 9 week period Vincent Van Gogh spent in Arles in Southern France with fellow artist, Gauguin. You may care to check out this review –

Now I’m no Van Gogh or Gauguin – merely a happy amateur – but I do get the appeal of a special location for painting and drawing – and this area around Ruthin is the area that works for me. Here are a couple of shots to give you the idea.


A virtual deluge the evening before had left the grass looking particularly lush.


The speed of the brook also testifies to the previous night’s weather.

Finally, one more of my pen and ink sketches – this time looking out across the farmland to the hills in the distance.


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  1. Karen hough
    Oct 23 2017

    Love your sketches .hope you carryon enjoying this wonderful gift .
    I to share the love of trees .but have forgoten to draw lately .been working g on my painting skills .
    So i thank you for this .
    Kind regards Karen hough
    I currently stay in south Africa but visit but visit UK often.
    I hope you get this message as you have inspired me this morning .


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