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August 8, 2012


The Other #London2012

by gordonmichaelsutton

I did manage to drive in the so-called Games Lanes on Saturday afternoon, making an unscheduled visit into Marylebone High Street to pick up some supplies of food and drink for a bbq. London reminded me of Paris in August when it empties out of Parisians. Not only were Londoners a little thin on the ground, the queue of tourists outside Madame Tussauds seemed much quieter too. All eyes are on Stratford to the East of London with its fabulous stadium and sporting dramas. I, meanwhile, was at a wedding in the West of London. Just look how quiet it was on Friday morning!

Not a one-off I can assure you. The whole of this area was like a sleeping hamlet rather than a 21st Century London suburb.

All the cars were parked up and not even a pedestrian in sight.

Here’s a view down the hill and out further West. Could almost be a Cotswold village. Interesting details on the buildings, too, if you kept your eyes open.

Not the US Embassy – just a rather grand entrance to a house on the main street. I really liked this decorative item in an alcove high above a restaurant.

Hard to believe the amazing #London2012 was only around 45 minutes drive away!

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  1. Aug 8 2012

    Lovely photos Dave. Was the wedding in Harrow by any chance?

    • Aug 8 2012

      Or was it Primrose Hill?

      • Aug 8 2012

        And I apologise for getting your name wrong Gordon. 😳

  2. Aug 8 2012

    Sorry Gordon, I’m not having a good day.

    • Aug 9 2012

      Hi there. Don’t worry – we all have days like that. Yes, it was Harrow, although the main proceedings were in a beautiful venue called Great Fosters near Egham in Surrey. Gordon.


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