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June 13, 2012


Hampton Court – it’s hip and happening!

by gordonmichaelsutton

Set the co-ordinates for 1494 and prepare to be blown away by Hampton Court – one of the most famous of the royal palaces – on the banks of the River Thames just outside London. As Brits we’re a bit blasé when it comes to history but a trip to Hampton Court can change all that. I mean, it’s not everyday you see the insignia of the first Queen Elizabeth is it? Think Cate Blanchett.

If that doesn’t ring any bells, check out this site  –

Dr Who’s tardis could take lessons from this place. There you are, adrift in England’s rich history when along comes a member of staff at full pelt in traditional costume, complete with mic and .. is that an iPad? 

You’re up close and personal with constant reminders of some of the most iconic figures in English history, from Henry VIII seizing the place off Cardinal Wolsey, to William and Mary attempting a palatial version of demolition derby. And windows to die for too!

And of course, some quite literally did just that. It’s one thing to know the fateful story of Anne Boleyn’s beheading. Quite another matter to find her sidling out of the shadows to engage you in salacious court gossip about the whole sorry tale. Granted an actress in Elizabethan costume, but I’ve been to Disneyworld and done my damnedest to hold my own with a mute Mickey Mouse, and this is a whole different ball game.

Reminders of royal power and prestige are all around.

For those of you who drop by regularly you’ll know that I’m drawn to graffiti. Well guess what? An eighteenth century Banksy as I live and breathe ..

This is an amazing place and you can’t help but reflect on the role of our modern day royal family especially in this Diamond Jubilee year.

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  1. Jun 13 2012

    Beautiful place indeed!

  2. Jun 14 2012

    It certainly is, John. Will be posting about Hampton Court garden shortly.


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