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June 8, 2012

Occasional Graffiti – Number 4

by gordonmichaelsutton

Grafton Street in Liverpool 8 – a stone’s throw from Liverpool One and the city centre – a showcase for a couple of large scale pieces of graffiti.  The first featuring a teasing panel entitled Infamous Last Words. Nicely ironic use of the 20th Century Fox  logo.

Plenty of interesting detail to feast the eye on, including this carefully rendered ventilation cover.

The bigger picture doesn’t disappoint either.

A few hundred yards away on the opposite side of Grafton Street was some graffiti featuring the signature penguin – in fact, a posse of penguins each with a different expression in their eyes.

Fabulous hooded lids.

Or a more lugubrious look.

And finally, coy and bashful.

I think I mentioned this was only a mile or so away from the city centre and here was a nod to the city’s skyline. You’d have thought that was enough penguins for one day, but driving home up towards Park Road in Liverpool 8, another penguin was standing proud on the side of a pub called The Globe – this time dressed as an astronaut.

A mischievous wit and artistic talent is clearly at work and it’s worth taking a look at the full panel.

Vibrant colours that are cheerfully defying this greyest of English summers.


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