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April 27, 2012


Spring Rain

by gordonmichaelsutton

I managed to make the drive back down the A19 without any hold-ups this time. The weather didn’t make matters too easy, though, as England was being lashed by incredibly heavy Spring rain. Up around the North Yorkshire border the rain had produced some incredibly lush and verdant countryside. Not to mention plenty of puddles!

And, yes, they’re Spring lambs you can see in the field being tended by their mother. Here are some more scattered up the slope of the hillside.

It was the hills that had caught my eye as I was driving south again. In particular, the ghostly effect of the low-lying mist as it shrouded those hills.

The colours of the trees and hedges in the foreground were thrown into startlingly sharp relief by the soft, misty backdrop. The rain had now subsided enough for me to get out of my car, but still in my work clothes, I was starting to get a little wet from the drizzle and I was trying my best to prevent it from getting on to the lens.

So with slightly soggy shoes and a wet shirt I returned to the car.Hope you think these shots were worth it. Hard to believe this was just a couple of minutes from the rush of the busy A19.

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  1. Apr 27 2012

    Good pictures – especially the last one!

  2. Apr 27 2012

    Thanks, Andrew. It’s my favourite too.

  3. Apr 29 2012

    Really enjoyed this post! Last pics my favourite, for sure 🙂

  4. Apr 29 2012

    Hey, thanks, Anne. I like to think it was worth getting wet for!


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