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April 21, 2012


The Giants Are Coming…

by gordonmichaelsutton

The Sea of Liverpool has swallowed up so many sailors, travellers and adventurers that you would think it was a cannibal.

That’s how Jean-Luc Courcoult, Artistic Director and Founder of French Street Theatre company Royal De Luxe introduces the grandly titled Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular. The whole remarkable event started yesterday morning as the Giants – Little Giant Girl and her Giant Uncle – woke up and began their odyssey around Liverpool.

I caught up with the spectacular as it wound it’s way out of Liverpool One and down towards the Albert Dock. It was really quite strange to see the impact the progress of the Little Giant Girl had on the large crowds. People around me were mesmerised. Some even had tears in their eyes! What you don’t get from this post is the excitement the event generated, not least because of the music that accompanies the Giants. When I first saw her, infectious samba music was the order of the day. The whole event is fascinating, too, for the amazing retinue of puppeteers – some dressed in crimson velvet frockcoats, others in grubby artists overalls – quite a bunch of hippies!

Curious how Jean-Luc Courcoult has rendered such emotion into the eyes of a puppet as she searches soulfully for her long-lost uncle and the all important letter he bears from her father who died as the Titanic sank beneath the waves. Light relief is provided by her puppet dog – Xolo – a real crowd pleaser who broke into a sprint after he’d passed me and caught everyone by surprise.

Just look at the mischief in Xolo’s eyes here. And also, how attentive the puppeteer on the left is as she brings Xolo to life. I didn’t get to see the Giant Uncle – dressed as a diver – as he was making his way back to Stanley Park to sleep for the night. Soon it was time for the Little Girl Giant to enter the King’s Dock to take to her bed for the night. Here she is taking a wistful look around before heading to bed. Two more days to go before the Giant puppets board a boat as they take their leave of Liverpool out into the Irish Sea.

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  1. antiquityandadventures
    Apr 21 2012

    brilliant photo’s … what a great day out 🙂 can’t wait to see the finale 🙂

  2. Apr 29 2012

    Nice pictures! Feels like you’re right in the face of those pieces!

  3. Apr 29 2012

    Curious, too, because you tended to focus on the puppets and forget all about the puppeteers. Oddly lifelike and beguiling.


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