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April 20, 2012


Yorkshire – Traffic and Trees

by gordonmichaelsutton

What do you do if you get caught in a particularly bad traffic jam? The journey home from the North East of England that should have taken me around two hours yesterday took me nearly seven hours! As I edged south towards York, I was surrounded by some amazing English countryside, made all the more dramatic by some very threatening weather. A chance to take some photographs from my static vehicle.

Trees in particular stood out sharply against glowering storm clouds. The tree above was taken just outside the incredibly beautiful village of Helperby. As was the shot below.

The skies darkened and trees stood starkly as silhouettes against the Yorkshire landscape. Even the rapeseed looked strangely dull.

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  1. Apr 20 2012

    It special when the light is so natural and so good. These days one almost expects photoshop to figure in. Good work. Nature does it best.

    • Apr 20 2012

      Who would have thought you could get shots like these out of sitting in a traffic jam! Yes, the natural light was almost surreal at times. Thanks as always, Victor.

  2. Apr 20 2012

    7 hours? Surely there was an alternative route?

    • Apr 20 2012

      Unfortunately not. Once one ‘A’ road became blocked, people switched to the only other ‘A’ road and at times I was on a single lane road. York ringroad subsequently snarled up. And later, after a break for dinner in York, the M62 near Leeds decided to snarl up. Complete nightmare.

    • Jun 6 2017

      Raise the drinking age, lower the voting age, raise the licence age, lower the ‘try as an adult’ age, youth pay rates, … poor tearngees won’t know what the bloody hell is going on!NS

  3. Apr 26 2012

    That’s a very long trip. Good that you have your camera to snap these wonderful pictures. 😉

  4. Apr 26 2012

    So glad you liked them. Just made the same journey this afternoon and despite the heavy rain I managed to complete it in half the time! Had my camera with me again and have taken some more shots en route. I’ll be posting shortly.


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