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February 24, 2012


Colourful Identity in Liverpool

by gordonmichaelsutton

I’d taken my car to the dealership for some minor maintenance and noticed that you can’t escape the company’s logo and corporate identity. Evidence of it was all around. They apparently have no qualms about displaying it all over the showroom. With an hour or so to kill, I went walkabout in Liverpool’s Pall Mall area and up towards Vauxhall. Not much to see other than some discarded warehouses and garages in railway arches that wouldn’t be out of place in London. Didn’t expect to see such a rich array of colour in the area.

That beautiful blue sky as a backdrop didn’t harm either. There was more to come. This piece of faded timber and peeling paintwork could almost have been designed that way.

Even the dilapidated remains of a garage hoarding took on an a curiously attractive look.

This garage certainly wasn’t going to be competing with the car dealership I’d just visited. Yet once they’d been just as keen to promote their identity, their brand.

Some even more curious attempts at stamping an identity were there to see.

And this.

Seems like everyone is trying to stamp their identity on the area in one form or another. Easy to pass this run down area by. But there’s plenty to satisfy the eye from a warning sign on a substation –

– to a strange piece of industrial remains that wouldn’t look out of place in Ikea or Habitat.

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  1. Feb 25 2012

    Reblogged this on Cuneiform Carved on Digital Clay and commented:
    Awesome pics from Liverpool….perfect fro Reblog Saturday!

  2. maenamor
    Mar 1 2012

    I know exactly where youre posting on great pictures


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