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January 14, 2012


Fast Train To Shanghai

by gordonmichaelsutton

Nothing sums up China’s economic surge and energy more than a ride on the new fast train service. And they have gleaming new stations to match. This was Beijing South as we headed out to Tianjin for the next stage of the visit to China.

It’s soaring pillars are more reminiscent of an airline terminal. As is the requirement to pass through security.

The station was filled with plenty of retail opportunities in luxury goods stores. Interesting places to eat too, and despite the formality of the greeting, more familiar than the more traditional dining in Beijing so far.

The lens on my camera was starting to misbehave at this point but I think the blurred effect adds to the drama of the stewardesses marching swiftly to the train.

Two days later and we’re heading down to Shanghai from Tianjin South Station. Here it is in the early light on a freezing December morning.

Hadn’t expected to need to wear a hat this morning. Certainly not inside the station. Apparently heating was optional. Does it show?

A warm cup of coffee on board and it’s next stop Shanghai. I’ll post some video footage of this amazing train later.

This train is so smooth and comfortable you could snooze all the way to Shanghai.

For all you train buffs, here’s one parked at another platform as we glided into Shanghai Station five hours later. Top speed 314km per hour!

An effortless journey was over.

Neon, too, at the station. Just the thing to prepare you for Shanghai itself!

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  1. Jan 14 2012

    I’ve also been dreaming to study in China, in the future. If my wish would be granted, I would be very happy. These photos really inspire me to pursue my dream. Thank you for all of this.

  2. Jan 14 2012

    Thanks for your kind comments, Joseph. Glad to be of help. Hope things work out for you.

  3. Jan 15 2012

    Great post! Thanks for sharing all this! I wanted to take the train too last July when it opened for the first time but unfortunately I didn’t make it!! Your beautiful pictures make me miss China a lot, I hope to be back soon and get to experience the train 😀

    • Jan 15 2012

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get back to China and ride the train too. If you can, pay for one of the more expensive tickets .. little bit more room and very comfortable. Seats recline etc. So pleased that you liked the post.


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