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January 13, 2012


He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a real hero – Chairman Mao

by gordonmichaelsutton

Sunday 11th December I became a hero. At least according to Chairman Mao because that was the day I climbed the Great Wall of China. Here’s me lurking in one of the turrets dotted high up on the Wall.

Not the greatest of pictures, I admit, and any resemblance to Colonel Gaddafi is purely coincidental. But it was bitterly cold and I’d just clambered, climbed and creaked up endless blocks of stone of irregular height and texture. I was amazed to see both the young and the old of China giving the Wall their best shot. The day I climbed I was the only Westerner in sight. Hard to describe this staggering feat of human engineering and endeavour and there’s no way these few pictures can begin to do it justice. But here goes.

Here’s another local hero who got to stand for hours on end in the freezing temperatures keeping an eye on us all.

Along the wall, other heroes have been keen to leave their mark for posterity.

Although you’re surrounded by plenty of other visitors, you do get plenty of opportunities to marvel at this astonishing achievement and the wonderful landscape it occupies.

My final photograph in this post was taken just under two hours drive from the Great Wall as our coach headed back into the Beijing traffic. A moment to reflect on just how far this amazing civilization has come and it’s future direction of travel. This was a Sunday too I should add.

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