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December 30, 2011

China Blue

by gordonmichaelsutton

A little over a week or so since I flew back from my first visit to China and I’m starting to make some sense of the mass of impressions that the country and it’s people made on me. Glancing through my photographs, I’m struck by how blue the sky was. The week before I’d arrived  Beijing had fallen prey to such a dense fog (some would say smog), that the entire city had turned a surreal yellow. The dip in the temperatures had now cleared this and the skies were a fabulous China blue. My plane had barely landed a couple of hours previously and already I was being shown around the vicinity of my hotel and spotted these workmen erecting a new piece of artwork above a local store.

Red was the colour I’d always associated with China and there it was – just a faint border – at the bottom of the picture. And here both red and blue are used to powerful effect in an advert for the Beijing metro.

But nowhere does this striking contrast become more apparent than in Tianenmen Square itself.

Crossing over from Tianenmen Square towards the entrance to the Forbidden City the colours provide a superb backdrop for this ornate decorative pillar.

The Chinese Emperors clearly liked the colour too. Over and over it would appear in striking decorative images on structures within the Forbidden City.

And again, below.

Here a more subtle blue is seen in the clothes of this visitor to the Forbidden City.

And there it is again in the street signs in Beijing.

I’m going to create a separate post on my visit to the Great Wall but wanted to include this image just to reinforce what I’ve mentioned throughout this post about the prevalence of blue as a colour in China.


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