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November 18, 2011


Beach Life in Bournemouth

by gordonmichaelsutton

November really does seem unusually mild this year. Did anyone notice how warm it was on Guy Fawkes Night a few weeks ago for instance? We Brits are very quick to moan about our weather, but it feels like we’re all holding our collective breath at the moment .. as if we can’t believe our luck. Right now I’m in Bournemouth on the South Coast, in a hotel a stone’s throw from it’s glorious beach. So to get to walk that beach at the end of a busy day, just as the sun’s setting, was too good to be true.

It was four in the afternoon. A warm breeze was blowing across the sands and the clouds had a dramatic choreography of their own going on.

Was this really November? There were even freshly built sandcastles dotted around for goodness sake.

This place was really playing tricks with me. The brightly lit amusement arcades certainly looked attractive in the waning light, but look a little closer and they were virtually deserted.

Only a handful of people had ventured out to take advantage of the beach, adding to the slightly surreal air the place had taken on. Even the neons seemed to have a different vibe going on.

This one was outside Aruba, a well known pizza restaurant just as you approach the pier. Which reminds me … time to eat! More from Bournemouth over the weekend I hope.

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  1. Nov 27 2011

    I’m planning a move to the UK this summer as part of an around the world adventure and it looks like I’m gonna have to add Bournemouth to my list! This place looks spectacular, and even in November! Lovely photos 🙂

    – p.

    • gordon m sutton
      Nov 27 2011

      It’s a great place. And only a two hour train journey from London’s Waterloo Station. Make sure you include Liverpool, too!


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